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If you had told me 6 months ago that I could make money on Pinterest I would probably be confused.  I knew you could link to your website etc as I used Pinterest for my online store, but I just pinned links with products that I sold.
I really did not know how to dig deeper and attract the traffic to my website by using Pinterest more effectively.  On another note I didn’t realise that you could use affiliate links on Pinterest and use this as a way to make money online.
I have always known about affiliate marketing and how the big boy companies had affiliate programmes.  BUT what I recently learnt in the past 6 months is that many of our favourite products such as ebooks and courses that we use to up level ourselves usually have an affiliate programme.
This got me so excited as I never really was interested in just promoting certain things from Amazon.  Then I came across a couple of bloggers that I saw online doing EXACTLY what I wanted to do!  They were blogging about these topics I was so interested in and I was already passionate about teaching other boss babes how to launch a website online that I saw how I too could incorporate teaching other people about affiliate marketing as I am learning it.
The first inspiring Boss Babe is Elise from ‘House of Brazen”.  This babe is also from New Zealand and has the same passions and interests as I do! I found her by an internet search on blogging and affiliate marketing.  What I found that kept coming up was bloggers writing reviews and raving about this ebook called “Make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours”
I fell in love with this babe and how she rolls online! But the marketer in me thought “These amazing things people are saying about this book is just so they can make a sale right?”
YES! But….. I guess you must find out for yourself, and knowing that Elise has an affiliate programme attached to this product I knew that of I was going to promote something I needed to purchase it and find out if I meshed well with it.  I tell you now, if you are going to try and sell something you 1. Have not purchased before 2.  Therefore cannot personally recommend it then 3. No one will buy from you!  It is as simple as that!
I have my own affiliate programme and many of my promoters will purchase at least something that I offer so that they know what I am all about and what I have that can help others.
Her book explains how you can make your first affiliate sale with Pinterest! Now this is where I was sold that Pinterest is a money making machine! It is the best search engine in the world besides google and an amazing place to promote your products and blog.
Recently I purchased another ebook called “Get paid to Pin”
This ebook was created by another rad blog babe called Coco Dale.  I found her through Pinterest of course! With her beautifully designed Pinterest images and descriptions that drew me in.  This book will teach you a bit about affiliate marketing, has included a list of 35+ affiliate programmes in the appendix, Pinterest basics, plus a list of over 130 group boards to join! Because believe me you need to join groups boards! Coco has her own affiliate programme to & gives 40% commission for sales! BOOM!! I love to go with anything over 30%!


So if you have ever been interested in making money online! I recommend leveraging Pinterest! You do not even need a blog! Although I do recommend it!

Shit I better not forget to promote myself lol!

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Have an amazing day and good luck with earning through Pinterest! It is fun!

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