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Hey babes! I have been asked often about what products I promote through affiliate marketing.
I am the type of person that loves to sign up to everything! Not just because I want the particular product or service but because I love learning the ins and outs of how things are run! What is involved with the programme and products.  So first of all I recommend my own affiliate programme of course lol I have joined many thinking I want to do this and give others the opportunity to earn through promoting my products.
Disclaimer: Some of these may be affiliate links, meaning I may make a small commission from each sale.  At no extra cost to you babe!
I have personally purchased products from these programmes and have chosen these particular ones to promote because I learnt a lot from them.  I tell you now it is very hard to promote products you know nothing about! So invest in these programmes and learn about the products so you can best provide insight to others on them.
VIRTUAL BOSS BABE – Has a range of courses and eBooks to guide blog and business babes online.  Check out the courses on offer at If you are interested in becoming an affiliate enroll in the affiliate course & I will activate your links.  A hefty 50% commission! I give loads of training and tips to those involved & bonuses for great sales!
CONVERTKIT – This email marketing programme is great for bloggers.  You can set up incentives to join plus loads more advantages you can read about HERE. I chose to use and promote this service also because it is a reoccurring income.  You get 30% of the monthly payments of those people you get to sign up under your link.
HOSTING – I am an affiliate for BluehostSiteground and Godaddy! Everyone has different needs so I like to offer all but I know the most about Godaddy, I got a cheap domain through them and my hosted site that I can design That is the fun part, getting creative and designing your site!

>>> Get Hosting from Godaddy!

SHOPIFY – I have helped a few boss babes set up online shops with Shopify.  I am familiar with the programme, I can design someones site for them if they wish and then pass it on.  I promote Shopify through their affiliate and partner programmes.  So thinking of starting an online shop? Check out shopify and to learn more read my recent blog post.
HOUSE OF BRAZEN – Elise has some amazing products that have helped me grow my blog and learn about affiliate marketing.  I promote her “How to make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours” ebook.  Generous 40% commission per sale for this ebook
THE SHE APPROACH – Here are some more products that I invested in for my professional development and blog growth.  Ana the author and blogger offers 35% per sale from the range of products she has.  Here are her products, I personally purchased the training bundle which gives all for a great price.
GET PAID TO PIN – This Ebook by Blog darling is currently popular in the blogging and Pinterest community, due to so many people wanting to leverage Pinterest to make money.  I know that this works! You can link direct to affiliate links without even having a blog.

PINTEREST NINJA – This is another ecourse that will teach you the ropes of making money with Pinterest.  Offering 30% commission per sale and will teach you how to drive traffic with Pinterest along with a ton of education on branding, social media and monetizing your blog.

ITS ALL BOO – I personally use these products that help me keep on track and feel focused through planning.  I love her FREEBIES!! Offering 37% which is random but I think it is a lucky number! Check out the ever so popular “Slay your goals planner”  currently on sale!!!

ULTIMATE BUNDLES – Has amazing bundles in a range of niches, from photography to blogging.  I am waiting to here back about being a contributor! Fingers crossed! But for now I promote these rad bundles.  Jam packed with value, jam packed with amazing sales pages and lead up to launching and a lot of guidance on how to promote.  You get a whopping 70% for being a contributor and 40% for an affiliate.  Here is the current Work from home bundle that gives you 37 work at home resources to help you fulfill your dreams, be your own boss and relish in your freedom!!!

PROFITABLE CREATIVE – By Elna Cain (Twins Mommy) I have learnt so much from the blog babe and look up to her in the blogging community! I want to be like her when I grow up lol
I promote her “Ready set blog for traffic” course because this is what I have enrolled in before and know what is involved in order to promote to others!!!

THE HEALTHY MUMMY – This Australian weight loss programme for mums is amazing! I am currently losing weight through the 28 day challenges.  So supportive! Amazing app! Yummy smoothies and easy recipes that suit the whole family!



  • How to start a profitable blog
  • The #1 thing you can do right now to monetize your blog
  • Get paid to Pin on Pinterest
  • 5 work from home opportunities
Purchase anything through the links on this post and get a Virtual boss babe course/product FREE worth up to $200!!

So funny when I actually have the products all on one page that I promote! Honestly there is probably so much more that I have signed up for but am not interested in promoting at this time.  If you know of any let me know 🙂

Hope you have a fabulous day boss babes!

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