Top must have essential oil accessories

You have a kit (or maybe just a couple) of essential oils and now you need to use them. It *seems* intimidating at first. Don’t fear – it only gets easier overtime. And I promise that using oils is a lot easier than running to the doctor, buying all-purpose cleaners from the store, etc. The items in this list are to help you get the MOST out of your oils. I’d hate for you to only be able to use them one way. So here’s my list of the Top Essential Oil Accessories that you need to get started!
Don’t have any Essential Oils yet? I can help you with there! Don’t go to Amazon or the nearest health food store – buy from a reputable company with the highest quality standards. Check out my How to get started with doTERRA oils for the best prices (25% off).

Top Must-Have Essential Oil Accessories

1. Diffuser

The best way to use an Essential Oil Aromatically is to diffuse the oil. Diffusers have completely replaced candles and air fresheners in our home. It’s cheaper, healthier, and I think it smells better too. You can get a cheapo starter diffuser on Amazon or Trade me for a reasonable price. Fair warning, though, You get what you pay for when it comes to essential oil diffusers.
I personally prefer my doTERRA Diffusers. We keep a Petal Diffuser in the kid rooms. The wholesale price on the Petal Diffuser is $65NZ so it’s a nice, entry price.

2. Essential Oil References

My favorite book reference book if from Oil Life. I also recommend the Modern Essential app from the app store!

3. Glass or Stainless Steel Water Bottle

If you want to have essential oil flavored water on-the-go, then you need a glass or stainless steel water bottle. You’ll ruin your nice plastic water bottles or tumblers if you let the citrus oils touch them. Citrus oils break down petrochemicals (plastics). I know, I don’t want to drink from a bottle that’s breaking down. Yuck.

4. Glass Spray Bottles

I’m sure you know that you can make your own All-Purpose Spray with your essential oils! It’s where most people get started in their EO journey. Well, to do this, you’ll need Glass Spray Bottles. Just like in the 3rd item, you can’t mix plastic and essential oils. So invest in a couple of glass spray bottles! They are about the same price as those chemical filled sprays – so no money lost.
My favorite place for EO safe containers and the CUTEST labels, I personally always use Easy Oil Solutions. They have adorable labels and fun things like gemstone rollers for your roller bottles.

5. Veggie Capsules

I highly recommend that you get Veggie Caps if you use essential oils therapeutically. It’s an easy way to use the oils internally. Plus, veggie caps are stupid cheap – about $4 for 160 capsules. Just add them to your doTERRA essential oil order before you check out.

6. Carrier Oil

You need carrier oils. If you got ONE thing from this list, I’d suggest that you get a good carrier oil. The majority of each drop you use will evaporate if you don’t dilute it – it’s called Flash Off. Every essential oil is incredibly concentrated so some carrier oil is important. I get Fractionated Coconut Oil from doTERRA, so add it to your next essential oil order. Fractionated Coconut Oil (or FCO) has fat taken out of the oil so that it doesn’t solidify in the cold. You need this if you want to make roller bottles and blends.

7. Roller Bottles

This accessory used to be very important before doTERRA came out with the Touch series. I live by the Touch Kits – you should too. But if you need to make your own blend then you’ll need Roller Bottles. I like the ones with Stainless Steel roller balls.
If you want more than the basic plain roller bottle or you want adorable labels for your rollers, check out Easy Oil Solutions. They are by far my favorite Essential Oil supply store.
The list could go on lol but these are the basics!!
Thanks Babes


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